About Us

About Amaara
Amaara Beauty Salon was founded by Monika. At Amaara we're not here to just enhance your beauty but also to bring our ideas to life through the skills of makeup. Amaara Came into Existence 4 years ago with the objective and aspiration to provide immaculate and quality beauty, slimming, wellness & makeup services with a personal touch of hospitaity. With 4 year of experience in the makeup and beauty industry and having been mentored ourselves by some of the top Makeup artists in Lucknow and India, we have been very fortunate to be doing what we really feel passionately about.

My team of fully qualified and conferred staff will convey to you their professional expertise and will always make you feel great from the minute you step in until the minute you leave. We have achieved a listof loyal and esteemed customers.

We at Amaara offer an enticing environment where visitors can relax in the salon while receiving hair and nail services or retreat to our private spaces for a massage, facial or head-to-toe treatment. We offer services and products of the most elevated quality and give recommendations based on our extensive knowledge of hair and body care.
Amara center has installed new machines for the slimming, these are top grade machines used by experts in this area. These machines are industry standard and are in use at every slimming centre in country, machines used by us are CYNERGY HYDRAFACIAL made in Italy.

Facelifting system made in Italy, OBESITY PLATFORM for body contouring processes, then is EXIMIA - HR77 machine does weight loss treatment and related inch loss, and toning etc, V-SHAPE SMAR Rf made in Italy used for facial remodeling, skin tightening. COCOON IR PRO made in USA toning & tightening increase metabolism like therapeutics, and last is DIODE LASER machine made by esthetic from Italy. All machines are standard and top quality approved by government standards.

In our world of fragile fancies and endless stress, one has to escape the rigmarole and rigours for a few moments and relax and distress. At AMAARA you soak in unadulterated peace and luxury without having to leave the city . Our sevices will transcend you to a world of complete tranquillity. The men & women of Lucknow have always been meticulous about their grooming and appearance. It’s been long since a wellness centre offered to take care of all your slimming, beauty, skin and hair needs, offering to give its customers a complete "makeover".

With its tasteful and customised slimming, skin, beauty, laser hair removal, hair treatments & makeups. Amaara offers you that look you always dreamt of. It has recently launched a "14 Days Cinderella Challenge" promising you to make your "Cinderella Story" come to life. Your skin & body is always on display and often has the power to dictate how good we feel about ourselves. Investing in proper care has a value that can be arguably more important than buying a new dress or going out to a fancy restaurant or even taking an expensive vacation.

"14 Days Cindrella Challenge will completely treat your skin , body & unwanted hair. Giving you a desired body shape & it will also purify, brighten your complexion, minimize the appearance of pores to reveal skin's radiance, change dry & flaky skin to a soft glowing baby like skin" says Monika Srivastava Gupta, the owner and leading beauty expert at Amaara . The Bride & Grooms to be can get the curvaceous figure & diamond sheen glowing skin on the most talked-about day of your life.

Having clearer, brighter, healthier looking skin & flawless figure can help put a real spring & confidence in your step. So all you fab men & women of Lucknow specially brides & grooms who are yearning for slimming & trimming their bodies in order to possess a lean & mean look, want to make your skin look younger , more radiant & shine like diamond, we recommend the "14 Days Cinderella Challenge" through Eximia.

Even if you're not happy with shaving, tweezing, or waxing to remove unwanted hair every now & then, ‘Amaara’s 14 Days Cinderella Challenge for laser hair reduction ’ may be an option worth considering. Removing unwanted hair can be a painful and time-consuming process, especially in warmer climates, where skin-baring fashions are typically worn throughout the year. So now you can safely bid adieu to the razors, hazardous-for-your-skin hair removal creams and wax strips and securely surrender to the DIODE LASER DEVICE at ‘AMAARA’ and let it take care of your knotty and ‘hairy’ problems. So go pamper yourself at Amaara with their hi-tech top to toe makeover and discover a new you.

Your skin & body is always on display and often has the power to dictate how good we feel about ourselves. Investing in proper care has a value that can be arguably more important than buying a new dress or going out to a fancy restaurant or even taking an expensive vacation.

With our tasteful and customised slimming, skin, beauty, laser hair removal, hair treatments & makeups. Amaara’s vision has been to empower people through a highly effective range of treatments & basic services be it for slimming, face treatments or laser hair reduction, that delivers real results that are sustainable and long lasting. “Moving on to the equipment part which is a great factor in giving facelift and maintenance, Amaara is using state-of-the-art and Gen Y machines for beauty and slimming. In a nutshell, we are using DIODE LASER for permanent hair removal, DIAMOND POLISHING for body shine and a latest Italian equipment EXIMIA HR77 & COCOON IR PRO for weight loss, fat diagnosis, fat and cellulite reduction and instant inch loss beside other things.

Amaara, has just the right set of tools and expertise to help you deal with your slimming issues. With years of experience, the experts know exactly how it’s done. Having the best set of International machines launched for the first time in India, along with effective slimming, beauty, makeup studio & Laser hair reduction treatments under a single roof, Amaara is a one-stop-shop to get you the makeover that you’ve dreamt of! We, at Amaara, provides the latest top end in slimming technology that is clinically proven effective and non-invasive. We have a fully integrated metabolic weight loss and body shaping solution that goes beyond diet and exercise.

Besides stressing on adding the new dimension of improved hospitality and providing the needed service at reasonable cost, we have introduced the state-of-the art equipment like EXIMIA HR-77 and DIODE LASER (for the first time in India) for advanced treatments of skin, hair removal, fat removal and several other things.
Having said that, we at AMAARA have not forgotten about or ignored the basic services, so vital for the healthy upkeep of skin, hair and beauty and the related services therein. On one hand, while we stress on hi-tech equipment like the above mentioned for advanced treatments, however on the other we have taken ample care to provide qualitative basic services related to skin, hair and beauty at a reasonable price which have been listed below.

Our Vision

We create a relaxing, enriching environment where love for one another is prevalent with our guests and associates, where a strong bond of trust and loyalty endures.We empower our associates to act as independent business people to experience growth and development; professionally, personally, and financially.We seek to expand to touch the lives of as many people as possible.

Our Mission

Our mission is to always go above and beyond industry expectations to provide professional, high quality services to everyone within and outside of our community, to make people feel good about themselves inside and out, and to make sure that we do everything we can to accommodate the needs of our clients so that they feel as much a part of the Imagine Salon as we do.


  Instant Inch Loss

  Fat & Cellulite Reduction

  Diamond face & body polishing

  Permanent Hair Removal

  Double Chin Removal

  Anti Ageing Treatment

  Body Toning

  Stretch Marks Removal

  Dead Skin Elimination

  Skin Rejuvenation & Oxygenation


  Hair styling & colouring

  Skin Treatments

  Skin Polishing

  Hair Care

  Hand & foot spa

  Body Spa

  Ayurvedic Treatments

  Nail Bar

  Make - Up